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Legal History

Doses of Connecticut Legal History: Witches and Witchcraft

   by Townsend, Karen

One of our Doses of Connecticut Legal History, has been revised and updated. Witches and Witchcraft- The First Person Executed in the Colonies covers witchcraft trials in Connecticut, including the first person to be executed for witchcraft in America. The dose contains an update on steps taking in Connecticut to exonerate victims of witchcraft accusations.

New Office of Legislative Research Report

   by Booth, George

The Office of Legislative Research has published the following report:

Governor's Executive Order Authority - 2020-R-0131 - You asked (1) by what authority the governor can issue executive orders and whether there are any limitations on their subject matter, (2) how courts determine whether an executive order violates the constitutional separation of powers doctrine, and (3) if, and under what circumstances, orders have been issued to amend statutory laws.

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