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  • Return to Sender: Getting A Refund Or Replacement For Your Lemon Car by Nancy Barron

  • Library of Connecticut Civil Complaints for Business Litigation Volume II - Lemon Law & Auto Defect Litigation by Sergei Lemberg

  • Cause of Action to Revoke Acceptance of Motor Vehicle Under Uniform Commercial Code, Article 2, 2 COA 237 (1983).

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Selected Statutes:

Chapter 743b. New Automobile Warranties

  • Sec. 42-179. New motor vehicle warranties. Leased vehicles. Resales. Transfers. Manufacturer buybacks. Fine. Hearing. Regulations.
  • Sec. 42-179a. Copies of paperwork or invoices.

  • Sec. 42-179b. Dealers and lessors to deliver information.

  • Sec. 42-180. Costs and attorney's fees in breach of warranty actions.

  • Sec 42-181. Department arbitration procedure. Notifications re sale. Fine for failure to perform remedies. Request for hearing. Appeals. Regulations.

  • Sec 42-182. Certification of manufacturer's informal dispute settlement procedures.

  • Sec 42-183. Institution of proceedings.

  • Sec 42-184. Unfair trade practices.

  • Sec 42-185. Waiver of filing fees, statement prohibited.

  • Sec 42-186. Action brought by lessee against manufacturer. Lesee to notify lessor. Lessor authorized to petition to be made a party to proceeding.

  • Sec 42-190. New automobile warranties account surcharge. Account.

Chapter 743f. Used Automobile Warranties

  • Sec. 42-220. Definitions.

  • Sec. 42-221. Implied warranties. Express warranties. Exemptions. Waiver.

  • Sec. 42-222. Effect of notification of breach of warranty during warranty period.

  • Sec. 42-223. Extensions of warranty period. Voidable agreements.

  • Sec. 42-224. "As Is" sales. Disclaimer.

  • Sec. 42-225. Deceptive statements. Motor vehicle declared constructive total loss. Disclosure required.  Promise to repair.

  • Sec. 42-226. Independent Inspection.

  • Sec. 42-226a. Penalty.


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