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Connecticut General Statutes

Selected statutes:

Chapter 14 Freedom of Information Act

  • Sec. 1-200. Definitions.

  • Sec. 1-205. Freedom of Information Commission.

  • Sec. 1-206. Denial of access to public records or meetings. Appeals. Notice. Orders. Civil penalty. Petition for relief from vexatious requester. Service of process upon commission. Frivolous appeals. Appeal re state hazardous waste program records.

  • Sec. 1-210. Access to public records. Exempt records.

  • Sec. 1-215. (Formerly Sec. 1-20b). Record of an arrest as public record. Prohibition on redaction. Excemptions. Disclosure of other law enforcement records. Notice to state's attorney. Applicability of section.

  • Sec. 1-225. (Formerly Sec. 1-21). Meetings of government agencies to be public. Recording of votes. Schedule and agenda of certain meetings to be filed and posted on web sites. Notice of special meetings. Executive sessions.

  • Sec. 1-231. Executive sessions.

  • Sec. 1-241. Injunctive relief from frivolous, unreasonable or harassing freedom of information appeals.

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U.S. Code
  • 5 USC 552. Public information; agency rules, opinions, orders, records, and proceedings.

CT Freedom of Information Commission

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