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Connecticut Law About Comfort and Support Dogs For Witnesses
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This page is maintained pursuant to the provisions of Public Act 17-185 (effective October 1, 2017), codified at Conn. Gen. Stat. § 51-10d.

The Court may exercise its discretion to permit a comfort dog to support a testifying witness.
See State of Connecticut v. Devon D., 321 Conn. 656, 138 A. 2d 849 (2016).

Please note: Comfort and support dogs do not meet the definition of "service dogs" under the ADA.

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Connecticut General Statutes

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Chapter 870 - Judicial Department

  • Sec. 51-10d. Judicial Branch Internet web site. Notice and information re animal-assisted therapy. The Judicial Branch shall maintain on its Internet web site (1) notice that the court may exercise its discretion to permit a dog to provide comfort and support to a testifying witness, (2) a hyperlink to the Internet web site of an organization that provides information regarding animal-assisted therapy resources, and (3) if applicable, a hyperlink to information regarding such resources on the Internet web site of the Division of Criminal Justice.

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  • State of Connecticut v. Devon D., 321 Conn. 656, 138 A. 2d 849 (2016)  The Appellate Court incorrectly concluded that the trial court had abused its discretion in permitting a dog to sit near C1 for comfort and support during her trial testimony.

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