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  Connecticut General Statutes
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Section 6: Bankruptcy and Child Support (PDF)

Pamphlet from Statewide Legal Services of Connecticut:

Information from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - District of Connecticut:

Information from the U.S. Trustee Program:

Information from the U.S. Courts:

OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

  • State Bankruptcy - 2020-R-0074
    Can a state declare bankruptcy?

  • Bankruptcy of a Cemetery Owner - 2006-R-0379
    You asked who would be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of a cemetery if the entity that was responsible goes bankrupt, out of existence, or is otherwise unable to perform its responsibilities.

  • Insurance Guaranty Funds - 2004-R-0695
    You asked how the state protects insureds and claimants when an insurance company files for bankruptcy and whether the available "insolvency pool" refunds unearned premiums to insureds.

  • Coverage Continuation Following Liquidation - 2004-R-0020
    You asked if a company has to pay for continued insurance coverage for employees who are laid off after the company's bankruptcy and liquidation or if COBRA takes over. 

  • Company Bankruptcy and Pension Protection - 2002-R-0798
    You asked whether the law protects employees' retirement funds when their company goes bankrupt and particularly (1) is the pension interest or investment earnings also protected, and (2) can employees remove their money from the pension plan before age 55 without penalty if the employer goes bankrupt.

  • Canney v. Merchants Bank Holding - 2002-R-0462
    You asked for a summary of the Canney v. Merchants Bank decision and whether it changes the options that Connecticut homeowners have in bankruptcy court. (In re Canney, 284 F.3d 362)

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  • Sec. 52-352b. Exempt property. (Including homestead exemption)

Connecticut Practice Book

  • Sec. 14-1. Claim for Statutory Exemption or Stay by Reason of Bankruptcy

  • Sec. 14-2. Claim for Exemption from Docket Management Program by Reason of Bankruptcy

U. S. Code

Federal Rules


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