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Connecticut Law About Assumed or Fictitious Names
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Library Materials

  • Marilyn J. Ward Ford, Connecticut Corporation Law & Practice (2007).

  • 18A Am Jur Pleading & Practice Names (2006)

  • 57 Am. Jur. 2d (2001). Name

  • ALR Index :Assumed or Fictitious Names 

  • Dowling's Digest: Names

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Selected Statutes:

  • Sec. 14-217. Operator to give name and address and show or surrender license, registration and insurance identification card when requested.

      Chapter 620 - Trade Names

  • Sec. 35-1. Use of fictitious business names. Prohibitions and exceptions. Penalty. Unfair trade practices.

  • Sec. 35-2. Use of word “banking” and similar words as part of business name.

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Connecticut Cases

  • State v. Moore, 97 Conn. App. 243, 249, 903 A.2d 669 (2006).
    On appeal, the defendant claims that there was insufficient evidence to support her conviction of accessory to criminal impersonation...

  • America's Wholesale Lender v. Pagano, 87 Conn. App. 474, 477, 866 A.2d 698 (2005).
    The dispositive issue in this appeal is whether a corporation that brings an action solely in its trade name, without the corporation itself being named as a party, has standing so as to confer jurisdiction on the court. We conclude that, because a trade name is not an entity with legal capacity to sue, the corporation has no standing to litigate the merits of the case.

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