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Law Day 2006 Ceremony
in the Supreme Court Courtroom
Honoring CT Lawyers Assistance Program

When this year’s Law Day was celebrated May 1st in the Connecticut Supreme Court, eight individuals passionately involved in a program vital to the health and well-being of many lawyers in the state were honored. The Connecticut Lawyers Assistance Program emanated from the Herculean efforts of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers, a Connecticut non-profit corporation.


In a brochure put together by the Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (LCL) one year ago, it was explained, “While this is a newly-formed entity, its officers, directors and acting directors have a long time, deep and abiding commitment to addressing and working to resolve the great human problems that a broad-based Lawyer Assistance Program is meantSpectators clapping to help overcome, as well as many years personal experience in doing so.”

Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers offers:

  • Early identification of impairment.
  • Intervention and motivation of attorneys to seek help.
  • Referrals for assessment, evaluation and development of an appropriate treatment plan.
  • Referral to appropriate mental health and community resources, self-help groups, outpatient counseling, detoxification and rehabilitation services.
  • Information and referral for depression and stress.
  • Informational programs on substance abuse and addiction.
  • Statewide support network of attorneys in recovery.

Justice Borden and Atty. William C. Leary

LCL members advise those attorneys reaching out for help that: “Alcoholism or drug addiction is not a moral issue. It is a treatable illness; the stigma is in failing to seek treatment.”

Among those honored on Law Day was Attorney William C. Leary, a driving force behind establishing a Connecticut Lawyers Assistance Program.

Attorney Leary has attended and participated in the annual American Bar Association Commission on Lawyer Assistance Program conferences since 1998, and this has enabled him to network with the directors, staff and volunteers of various Lawyer Assistance Programs throughout North America.

Justice Borden and
Attorney William C. Leary

Center: Attorney Igor J. Sikorsky, Jr. For many years, the chairman of Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers – a special committee of the Connecticut Bar Association -- was Attorney Robert P. Klomp. He was cited for playing a major role in initiating the process that led to the eventual formation of LCL. He tirelessly works with lawyers and others on a regular basis to assist them with their recovery from substance abuse.
Justice Borden and Attorney Robert P. Klomp
Center: Attorney Igor J. Sikorsky, Jr. Justice Borden and Attorney
Robert P. Klomp

Cited for his commitment to “be there” for lawyers battling substance abuse problems for more than 25 years was Attorney Igor J. Sikorsky, Jr. He is known throughout North America for his commitment and passion to helping lawyers in their recovery. It was Attorney Sikorsky who organized the first 12-step recovery meeting for lawyers in Connecticut and continues his involvements in these career-saving, and in some cases, life-saving efforts.

Another longtime member honored on Law Day was Attorney Richard S. Johnson, president of LCL. He has been active in LCL for more than 20 years during which time he has hosted and chaired a weekly 12 Step recovery meeting for lawyers in Rocky Hill.

Attorney Raymond LeFoll has been extremely active in LCL for more than 18 years and hosted the weekly LCL meeting at his office in Rocky Hill since 1989. His success in reaching out to countless lawyers suffering from alcohol abuse has been extraordinary, leading many into recovery…and leading to his prestigious honor on Law Day.

Playing a major role in the organization of LCL was Attorney Anthony J. LaBella. He was cited for his many productive efforts for LCL. He has also undertaken an effort to start a 12-step recovery meeting for lawyers in the Fairfield County area. Attorney LaBella continues his active involvement with people in recovery, including lawyers across the state and in other states.

Honored on Law Day was the newly hired Executive Director of LCL, Attorney Beth D. Griffin who was among 25 candidates for the top position in LCL. Attorney Griffin brings an experienced background to the position, and has immediately made an impact in the lives of some sick and suffering members of the state’s legal community.

Justice Borden and Beth Griffin
Justice Borden &
Attorney Beth D. Griffin
Justice Borden and Bonnie Waters


Justice Borden and Bonnie Waters

Bonnie Waters has provided invaluable assistance to help Connecticut create a broad-based lawyer assistance program. She recently retired as the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Lawyers Assistance Program – a position she held since its inception in the Bay State over 20 years ago. Her expertise has been invaluable assisting efforts in Connecticut that created a broad-based lawyer assistance program. 

The Law Day ceremony featured a welcoming address by the Hon. David M. Borden, Senior Associate Justice.

The President of the Connecticut Bar Association, Attorney Louis R. Pepe provided remarks about the importance of the program and dedication of the attorneys who created it. Attorney Pepe congratulated the honorees while praising the LCL program.

Honorees and Spectators



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