Connecticut Judicial Branch
Jury Administration

    Mission Statement
To provide the courts, summoned persons and our external stakeholders with prompt, accurate and professionally conveyed information, ensuring a positive jury experience that supports everyone's right to a fair trial.

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Respond To Your Jury Summons
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Don't Know Your CT Juror ID?

Medical Disqualification Form

Directions To Court And Juror Parking

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How To Check If Your Jury Service Is Cancelled:
Numbers To Call Or Sign Up For A Text Alert

Courthouse Closings And Delays

What To Expect When You Get To Court

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    General Information:

  • While more than 550,000 individuals
    are randomly selected each year from
    the sources stated on the right, about 88,000 will serve.
  • Of those who serve, more than 90 percent will complete their service in one day.
    Individuals Are Randomly Selected Each Year From Source Lists Obtained From The Following Agencies:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Revenue Services
  • Central Voter Registry of the
    Secretary of the State
Important Notice: There are several jury-related scams sweeping the country and some have come to Connecticut. These scams can come as phone calls or emails. Jury Administration does not initiate phone calls or emails. Please do not respond to these communications. You may telephone Jury Administration if you have any questions at 1-800-842-8175.