Family Support Magistrates

The Family Support Magistrate Division of Superior Court was established in 1986 by a federal mandate on all states. Family Support Magistrates (FSMs) are not judges, but perform some judicial functions, hearing cases involving child support, spousal support and paternity. FSMs hear cases between unmarried parties to establish paternity and child support orders, about 18% of which involve families on state financial assistance. FSMs also hear motions to modify and enforce existing child support orders, including those in post-judgment dissolution of marriage cases in which child support is paid through the state.

Chief Family Support Magistrate
Hon. Michael L. Ferguson

Family Support Magistrates
Hon. Jennifer Aguilar
Hon. David A. Dee
Hon. Anthony P. Fusco
Hon. Frederic Gilman
Hon. Donald R. Green
Hon. Jacquelyn B. Kercelius
Hon. Jessica W. Simpson
Hon. Charlene W. Spencer

Family Support Referees
Hon. Richard G. Adams
Hon. Michael C. Daly
Hon. Katherine Y. Hutchinson

Assignment of Family Support Magistrates for the Period of September 4, 2023 - September 1, 2024