Internal Job Openings

Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer

These are all the jobs available with the Judicial Branch at this time.
Last update: 04/12/2024

All job applications must be submitted via HR Online. Paper applications will not be accepted.

  1. Enroll in the HR Online system.
  2. If you are not able to complete your enrollment, you can save your work and return to it later to complete it. Please note that you must complete the first enrollment screen in its entirety in order to do this. This screen establishes your HR Online account with your email address and password.
  3. Once your enrollment is complete, the Available Job Posting screen displays in HR Online.
  4. After you create your account, you can apply for postings from the available job listings on your HR Online homepage.
  5. You can use your HR Online account information to apply for as many postings as you like. You can access and modify your HR Online information at any time.
  6. Job openings are designated as appointment, promotion, relocation or a combination of these.
    • Appointment - jobs that are open to both branch and non-branch employees;
    • Promotion – jobs open to internal employees for promotional opportunities;
    • Relocation - jobs open to internal employees for relocation who at the time of application have the exact job title. Absent possessing the exact job title, the employee will be unable to view or apply for the relocation job posting.


Internal and General Relocation Openings
General relocation job postings - You must hold the exact job title at the time of posting in order to view and apply for the relocation.

Job Title and Description Appointment Promotion Relocation Job ID Closing Date
Administrative Trainee 24-3000-005 04/15/2024
Administrative Assistant 24-3000-006 04/22/2024
Deputy Director II 24-1000-029 04/22/2024
Permanent Law Clerk to a Supreme Court Justice 24-0000-001 04/22/2024
Support Enforcement Assistant 24-1000-030 04/22/2024
MSW III-J.Det 24-7000-026 04/29/2024
Deputy Director I 24-1000-031 04/29/2024
Judicial Marshal Trainee JM-1000-001 12/31/2099
Juvenile Detention Officer Trainee (Transitional) JD-7000-001 12/31/2099
Office Clerk OC-8000-001 12/31/2099
Court Recording Monitor Trainee CR-1000-001 12/31/2099
Court Interpreter I CI-1000-001 12/31/2099
Office Clerk - Call Center - OC-1000-001 12/31/2099