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Judicial Marshal Trainee Date Posted: 07/28/2017
Posting Number: JM-1000-001
Application Deadline: 12/31/2099
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Judicial Marshal Trainee

Seeking entry-level applicants interested in starting a career path as a Judicial Marshal. Minimum requirements are possession of a high school diploma or general equivalency degree. Applicants must be 21 years of age or older. This is an entry-level position; extensive experience is not required; military experience or a demonstrated interest in criminal justice is desirable. Applicants selected for interview will be required to meet established physical performance criteria as demonstrated through a physical fitness test, a pre-employment physical, successfully pass a drug screening process as well as a criminal records check and general background check. Selected candidates will be required to attend and pass all phases of an approximately 15 week pre-service Academy followed by a course of field training. Skills to be acquired will include handcuffing, use of defensive spray and defensive baton, CPR, First Aid, prisoner management, and other skills relevant to the care and custody of prisoners as well as the safety and security of Judicial Branch staff and users of the courts. The Judicial Marshal Academy will include a physical training regimen to ensure the fitness of candidates for practical training functions. During the training Academy, recruits will be required to obtain a Commercial Driver’s License with the proper endorsements to operate prisoner transportation vehicles.

The Judicial Branch offers Judicial Marshal Trainees the opportunity to advance in their salary progression multiple times within their first year. Upon completion of the Judicial Marshal Academy, which lasts approximately 4 months, Judicial Marshal Trainees will advance to Salary Grade 1, Step 2 ($54,988). Upon completion of one year as a Judicial Marshal Trainee, individuals will advance to Salary Grade 1, Step 3 ($56,578).

Locations are listed on the online application and must be indicated at the time of application. Applicants should select all Judicial Districts in which they are willing to work. Limiting availability by limiting Judicial Districts in which you will work may impact your ability to be hired. Selection of a Judicial District indicates willingness to accept assignment at any location within the district and may not be limited by the applicant.

Note: If you need to update your application for this posting, you may withdraw your application, update your profile and re-apply for the posting. After you apply, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have qualified for the position, your continuous recruitment application will expire one year from the date of the email. After the one-year application period has ended, you may reapply for the position.

If you have qualified for the position and are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by the Superior Court Operations Division, Personnel Services Unit.


DIVISION: Superior Court 

CLASS DEFINITION: This class is accountable for receiving training in providing the full range of security and other court-related services performed by Judicial Marshals, as assigned in accordance with established Judicial policies and procedures.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the general supervision of a Lead Judicial Marshal or other employee of higher grade.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES:   Receives training in all of the areas outlined in the job description for Judicial Marshal; maintains safety and security of staff and visitors as assigned; may patrol interior and exterior of buildings; monitors all movement through assigned areas and checks all incoming persons for proper identification as required; inspects packages and mail for contraband; secures property taken into custody and maintains for return to original owner; may perform physical searches of persons as needed; conducts periodic searches of all non-secured or public areas; secures access points to assigned areas; checks area for fire safety and emergency evacuation procedures; may quell disturbances and physically restrain persons; may assist in the control and transportation of prisoners in custody;  may enforce parking regulations; may keep records and prepare reports; may calibrate metal detectors as needed; may transport files and documents requested by court staff; assists jurors and members of the public by guiding them to proper locations, providing directions and information as requested; performs related duties as required.




Interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; basic computer skills; ability to think and act quickly in an emergency with judgment and discretion.



General Experience: Graduation from high school (or GED certification) and any experience or training which would provide the skills and abilities indicated above.


1)  Candidates must have reached their 21st birthday.

2) Candidates are required to obtain and maintain a Connecticut Commercial Drivers’ License  with appropriate endorsements (or whatever other license may be required to drive the prisoner transport vehicles operated by the Judicial Branch) during employment in the class.

3)  In accordance with Judicial Branch policy, incumbents are forbidden to have firearms while engaged in the performance of Judicial Branch duties.


CHARACTER REQUIREMENT:  In addition to the checking of references and of facts stated in the application, a thorough background investigation of each candidate will be made before candidates are certified for permanent appointment.


PHYSICAL REQUIREMENT:  Candidates must possess general good health; be free from any disease or injury which would impair health or usefulness and retain sufficient physical strength, stamina, agility, visual and auditory acuity to perform the duties of the class.  Applicants will be required to pass a physical examination.


WORKING CONDITIONS:  Incumbents may be some risk of injury in performing the duties of the class.