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Notice Regarding Revisions to Foreclosure
Standing Orders and Forms


The State of Connecticut has made foreclosure sales subject to the State and municipal conveyance taxes effective January 1, 2010.  House Bill 6802 June Special Session, Public Act 09-3.

To provide for the payment of the conveyance taxes, various foreclosure forms have been amended to include language regarding the conveyance taxes.  The following forms have been amended and must be used beginning January 1, 2010:

JD-CV-79 Foreclosure By Sale Standing Orders

JD-CV-80 Foreclosure By Sale Fact Sheet – Notice to Bidders

JD-CV-81 Uniform Procedures for Foreclosure By Sale Matters Instructions to Committee

JD-CV-88 Sales Agreement – Foreclosure

JD-CV-97 Foreclosure Return of Sale – No Proceeds

JD-CV-98 Foreclosure Return of Sale – With Proceeds

JD-CV-99 Foreclosure/Motion for Approval of Committee Sale, Approval of Committee Deed, Acceptance of Committee Report, Allowance of Fees and Expenses, Allowance of Appraiser’s Fees. 

The payment of the conveyance taxes will be as follows:

At the closing, the successful bidder must provide the Committee with a certified or bank check, payable to the Clerk of the Superior Court, for the balance of the purchase price less the sum of the amounts due the Commissioner of Revenue Services for the State Conveyance tax and the municipal conveyance tax.  At the closing, the successful bidder must provide the Committee with photocopies of the checks for the payment of the State conveyance tax and the municipal conveyance tax.  In addition, the successful bidder must record the committee deed and pay the conveyance taxes within 30 days of the closing.   

With regard to foreclosure advertising, the Standing Orders have been amended to clarify the dates the advertisement is to run on the judicial website and the newspapers to be used in each Judicial District.  “Beginning, February 1, 2010, the committee must post the ad on the judicial website after the bar date with the notice to run from ten (10) days after the bar date until the day after the sale date.  In addition, an advertisement is to be placed in a newspaper on two (2) separate dates in accordance with the list of newspapers and publication dates, unless otherwise ordered by the court.” 



Hon. Barbara M. Quinn
Chief Court Administrator


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