Juvenile Matters at Stamford 


      Termination of Parental Rights; Whether Person Who Cared for Child has Right to Intervene in Action Seeking Termination of Parents’ Rights.  Santiago was born in Guatemala in 2009.  From the time of his birth until 2012, Santiago was cared for not by his parents, but by Maria G., an Argentinian citizen and a legal permanent resident of the United States who resided in Stamford.  In 2012, Santiago was adjudicated neglected on the basis that he had been abandoned by his parents and committed to the custody of the Department of Children and Families (DCF).  In 2014, the trial court denied DCF’s motion to open the judgment and revoke Santiago’s commitment and disapproved DCF’s permanency plan of placing Santiago with Maria G.  Those judgments were affirmed in In re Santiago G., 318 Conn. 449 (2015), and DCF then brought this action seeking termination of Santiago’s parents’ parental rights.  Maria G. moved to intervene in the termination proceeding.  This is her appeal from the trial court’s judgment denying her motion to intervene.  Maria G. claims that she has a right to intervene in the termination of parental rights proceeding because she has a direct interest in issues surrounding Santiago’s custody and care, because no other party to the proceeding can protect her direct interest, and because her participation in the termination proceeding will not cause undue delay or prejudice the other parties to the proceeding.