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Training of Guardians ad litem and attorneys for  Minor children for Family Court


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Are you currently a GAL or AMC for Children In
Family/Custody cases?  Do you want to be?

Announcing the second round of comprehensive basic training classes for new and experienced GAL/AMCs – attorneys and mental health professionals.

Delivered over six half-days, on the following Fridays in 2010, noon – 5 p.m.: 

Sept. 24, Oct. 1, Oct. 8, Nov. 5, Nov. 12, Dec. 3, 2010

The third round of classes will be offered in 2011 (probably beginning in March) and annually thereafter.  Attendance will be limited to 200 participants in each of these two rounds; 100 professionals have already completed the training.

The training is FREE, held at Quinnipiac University School of Law in Hamden.

  • Sponsored by:  the Judicial Branch, the Commission on Child Protection, Children’s Law Center, and by QUSL.
  • Designed and delivered by: a committee of lawyers and mental health professionals asked to serve by Judge Lynda B. Munro.

Note: The Chief Administrative Judge intends to submit for approval a Practice Book rule which will restrict appointments as guardians ad litem and attorneys for minor children [GAL & AMC] to only those who have completed this training; this rule would apply regardless of years of experience. The training is now required for all attorneys and professionals who wish to be eligible for appointment in cases where the parents are indigent and the case has been approved for payment of fees by the state, through the Commission on Child Protection.

REGISTRATION/APPLICATION:  through the Commission on Child Protection, which administers the training program for all attendees – whether seeking to take state-rate cases or not. Send an email with all contact information to ccpa@jud.ct.gov .

In order to receive a case to be paid at state rates you must submit a  CCPA AMC-GAL Qualified Application which can be found on the CCPA website www.ct.gov/ccpa under “Attorney Information”. If your application is approved and all training requirements have been met, you will be placed on the CCPA Qualified list which will be distributed to Family Courts.

ATTENDANCE:  in order to be certified to accept appointments in the future, participants will have to attend ALL SIX of the sessions for each “class.”  Judges will be asked to excuse registered participants from court obligations in order to permit attendance on the scheduled Friday afternoons.

GOALS:            -To improve and standardize the preparation for all professionals serving as GAL/AMCs in family court.
- To create Regional Academies throughout the state for ongoing support, mentoring, and advanced training for GAL/AMCs; professionals who complete the Basic Training will be expected to join an Academy for continued professional development. [Also free.]


Day 1:  Introduction to the Law and Procedure of Custody Cases

Day 2:  Introduction to Relevant Psychology and Child Development Principles

Day 3:  Gathering Information: Interviewing Parties and Others

Day 4:  Solving the Puzzle: Creating Child-Centered Parenting Plans

Day 5:  Achieving Resolution: Working with Parents to Settle Cases Appropriately

Day 6:  Surviving in Court: Tools and Techniques as GAL or AMC at Trial

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