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Notice Regarding the Review of Family and Civil Cases sealed prior to July 1, 2003

In accordance with the announcement made by Chief Justice Chase T. Rogers on May 4, 2007, the Judicial Branch reviewed family and civil cases that were sealed prior to July 1, 2003, the effective date of the rule changes regarding the sealing of a file. Overseen by the Honorable Barbara M. Quinn, chief court administrator and a former member of the Judicial Branch’s Public Access Task Force, the process included a review to determine: (1) whether the cases were properly designated as sealed; (2) whether the docket sheets, which set forth the chronology of the case, could be displayed on the Judicial Branch website or otherwise made publicly available; and (3) whether the motions and orders to seal the file could be made publicly available.

Latest Hearing Notice

Jan. 26, 2009
Smith, Susan M. vs. Manafort, James A., HHB FA 88 0432383
Of the 510 cases that appeared in the system as sealed, 15 were re-coded to accurately reflect the current status of the file, 457 were processed in the first phase, and 38 files that had been destroyed in accordance with Practice Book Sec. 7-10 were processed in the second phase of this process. Hearings were held from July of 2007 through May of 2008. After court review, orders regarding the public availability of docket sheets, motions to seal, and orders to seal were entered in all cases that were part of these two phases.

Any questions regarding this process may be directed to SpecialDocketProcessing@jud.ct.gov.


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