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June 12, 2000
Re: In Re Michael S.

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The probable cause hearing in this case is scheduled for June 20 at 10 a.m. In order to ensure the confidentiality of persons involved in other pending juvenile matters and to provide more courtroom seating, the hearing will be held at the Judicial District Courthouse at 123 Hoyt Street, Stamford, CT. Hon. Maureen Dennis will be presiding. Judge Dennis has not yet issued an opinion on the motion concerning the release of documents in this case.

Media organizations wishing to attend this hearing, should fax a request to Lorraine Murphy, Trial Court Administrator at (203) 965-5389. Because of the limited time, fax transmissions will be accepted during business and non-business hours from the time of the release of the advisory until Thursday, June 15 at 5 p.m. If the number of requests does not exceed the available seating, all such requests will be granted.

If the number of requests exceeds the seating capacity media representatives must pool in each of the following categories: print media, television, radio, magazines and sketch artists.

The rules governing media in the Connecticut Practice Book do not permit the broadcasting, televising, recording or taking of photographs in the courtroom and adjacent areas in juvenile matters and any matters prior to trial. Therefore, recording equipment and cameras will not be permitted in the courthouse during any of the proceedings in the case. The use of laptop computers is permitted as long as use does not disturb the court proceedings.

Please check our web site at https://www.jud.ct.gov for updates.

Please refer all inquires to Lorraine Murphy, Trial Court Administrator for the Judicial District of Stamford/Norwalk, (203) 965-5271 or fax (203) 965-5389.


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