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Remarks by Chief Justice Sullivan 
Attorney Swearing In Ceremony
November 3, 2003


Good afternoon. On behalf of my colleagues on the Supreme Court, Justices David Borden, Flemming Norcott, Joette Katz, Richard Palmer, Christine Vertefeuille and Peter Zarella, it is a pleasure to welcome you.

We are fortunate that members of the Appellate Court, administrative judges of the Superior Court, and a number of chief clerks have been able to take time from their busy schedules to celebrate with us. We are also pleased with the considerable presence of representatives of the state and local bar associations.

Today we are participants in the "new" attorney admission ceremony, a ceremony in which candidates to the Connecticut bar are admitted to the practice of law before the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice William J. Sullivan
Biography of Chief Justice William J. Sullivan

Judges' Corner


Prior to 2001, swearing in ceremonies took place in judicial district courthouses across the state, some in jury assembly rooms, others in courtrooms. Too often those ceremonies were scheduled around a superior court judge's busy docket and were, of necessity, completed expeditiously, without a great deal of fanfare. A couple of years ago, at the suggestion of Justice Zarella, a more impressive statewide admission ceremony to underscore the importance of this day was inaugurated. The new process has been welcomed by both the judiciary and the bar as a most appropriate and fitting entrance for new attorneys into our legal society.

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to thank the Bar Examining Committee for their accommodation in managing the procedure by which you were all notified of the admission ceremony, and in assisting us in the process by which you will be registered as attorneys.

I would also like to thank the state and local bar associations, especially the Hartford county bar association and Jan Ambruso, who is coordinating the efforts, for hosting the reception that will follow this ceremony.

Finally, Justice Zarella and the Judicial Branch members of his team - the staff of the clerk's office, the External Affairs division, the Facilities Unit, the Bar Examining Committee, the Supreme Court, our reporters and marshals - all worked diligently with the outstanding staff of the Bushnell to make our undertaking so successful.

Today is an exceptional day. For you, the candidates, it is the culmination of years of study, as well as financial, and often personal, sacrifice. This is truly your day and we congratulate you for your perseverance in negotiating every turn in the road.

And now, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Justice Peter Zarella who will give the address on behalf of the court.


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