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Remarks of Judge William Lavery
at Law Librarians’ Luncheon Celebrating Web Award
October 3, 2006

I want to first thank you for providing me with this opportunity to celebrate your achievement of winning the Justice Served 2006 Web Award. This is a tremendous honor for the entire Judicial Branch, and each and every one of you is to be commended for your dedication and talent.

Justice Served 2006 Top 10 Court Website Award

Law Libraries Website

Judicial Website Awards

Someone once said: “When you absolutely, positively have to know, ask a librarian.” I would carry this a step further, and add that you also need to access the Connecticut Judicial Branch Law Libraries’ website – which, by the way, provides the opportunity for users to “Ask A Librarian.” This website is a rich resource, with its easily accessible information and many links. I myself am not technologically savvy, but I know a good site when I see one – and you have a superb site.

I also am impressed that our site was chosen from among more than 3,500 court websites worldwide. Ladies and gentlemen, that was no small feat, and I know that you share the pride that I feel in winning this award. 

So in conclusion, please allow me to again compliment you on this accomplishment. You represent the finest the Judicial Branch has to offer, and you are a credit to the thousands of residents that we serve every day, by providing the latest in 21st century technology but also the courtesy and kindness of less complicated times. Thank you on behalf of judges, on behalf of the Branch, and on behalf of myself.

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