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Remarks of Chief Justice William J. Sullivan
Employees Recognition Ceremony
May 15, 2003

I am pleased and honored, today, to have the opportunity of thanking each and everyone of our retiring employees for their many years of dedicated service to our Connecticut Judicial Branch.

We all take great pride in our department which interacts with the public on a daily basis. The Judicial atmosphere very often intimidates the many thousands coming through our courtrooms each year. Because of your professionalism and sensitivity, you have made these visits informative and comfortable. I commend you all on your abilities to demystify the civil and criminal justice systems for all our guests and visitors.

I am very proud of a team which successfully and routinely deals with logistical problems in both a skillful and courteous manner. And one which handles potential crisis with calm and integrity. We place responsibility and trust in your hands because we are supremely confident in your abilities to meet the challenges. We will miss each and every one of you! You have earned the right to retire and enjoy less strenuous days!

As chief justice, I have relied on employees such as you to uphold the high standards of the judicial branch. My trust in you has been well placed. In the words of Henry Kissinger, "A crisis does not always appear´┐Żas a series of dramatic events. Usually, it imposes itself as an exhausting agenda of petty chores demanding both concentration and endurance." I'm sure you have often perceived your duties in this way. But, I assure you, your commitment to excellence on the job, has made me proud to serve as your chief. I wish you the very best in whatever endeavors you now choose. As an old English saying attests, "leisure is the reward of labor." May you all receive your just rewards.

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