Connecticut Judicial Branch

LGBT Pride Month Recognition Event
This Month the Judicial Branch’s Court Support Services Division put on a half-day workshop, LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) Pride Month Recognition Event—Reflections in the Community, which was well-attended and featured keynote speaker, Fleurette King, Director of the UConn Rainbow Center and eight breakout sessions ranging from the history of the LGBT movements to talks such as How to Be an Informed and Respectful Ally: Conversation on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, Suicide Prevention for LGBT and Exploring Social Barriers of LGBTQ-SGL People of Color. The day ended with a panel, From Their Perspective.

Members of the Event Planning Committee, left to right, Heather Cato , Denise Kupstis and Janet Tarallo.

Lori Davison, co-president of Hartford PFLAG, handed out gingerbread “person” cookies during her talk, An Alphabet Soup of LGBTQ-IDK Identities: Let’s Eat it Up with the Gingerbread Person.

Troy Brown, Manager of Administrative Service II with the Court Support Services Division, helped organize and facilitate the event.

Judicial Branch personnel from the Court Support Services Division (CSSD), Judicial Branch Marshals and others throughout the Branch filled up the lecture room to capacity.