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Information Concerning the Client Security Fund Fee


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Connecticut Practice Book Section 2-70, effective January 1, 1999, provides that an annual fee be assessed to fund a client security fund. Invoices for the first annual Client Security Fund assessment were mailed by the Judicial Branch on May 12, 1999. Payment of $75.00 is due on or before June 15, 1999. The purpose of the client security fund is to reimburse clients who have been the victims of the "dishonest conduct" of an attorney, as defined in Practice Book Section 2-69. Pursuant to Practice Book Section 2-70, the fee is to be paid by each attorney admitted to practice in Connecticut, and each judge, judge trial referee, state referee, family support magistrate, family support referee and workers compensation commissioner.

An attorney is not automatically exempt from the fee because he or she practices out of state, or because he or she does not actively practice law. Only those attorneys who have been disbarred, retired, or resigned for the entire year prior to the date payment of the fee is due are exempt from payment of the fee for the year. Attorneys have "retired" only if they have complied with the provisions of Practice Book Section 2-55 and Section 51-81b(g) of the Connecticut General Statutes.

Section 51-81b(g) provides, in part, that "the attorney shall file written notice of retirement with the clerk of the superior court for the judicial district of Hartford...". The address for the clerk of the superior court for the judicial district of Hartford is: Clerk, Superior Court, Hartford J.D., 95 Washington Street, Hartford, CT 06106. Practice Book Section 2-55 provides, "Written notice of retirement from the practice of law, pursuant to the provisions of General Statutes 51-81b, shall not constitute removal from the bar or the roll of attorneys, but it shall be noted on the roll of attorneys kept by the clerk in Hartford county who shall notify the statewide bar counsel of such retirement. Retirement may be revoked at any time upon written notice to the clerk for Hartford county and the statewide bar counsel. Disciplinary proceedings against an attorney shall not be stayed or terminated on account of the attorney's retirement from the practice of law".

For information concerning resignation, please see Practice Book Section 2-52.


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