Experiential Learning Programs

Placement Opportunities

 Law Students as Interns at the Appellate Court

Interns at the Appellate Court will have the opportunity to work directly with an Appellate Judge and learn first-hand how the appellate process works. Over the semester, the intern will have the opportunity to enhance their legal research and writing skills, view arguments in person, assist with written opinions and other responsibilities as assigned. The interns also will work with the judge’s law clerks, an especially useful experience should the intern want to pursue a clerkship with the Appellate Court.

 Other Intern Opportunities for Law Students

* Please note that law students will not be placed directly with judges; however, they will have the opportunity to meaningfully interact with judges.

Family Mediation
In marital dissolution or separation cases, the intern assists staff by conducting comprehensive family evaluations involving disputed issues of child custody, visitation and family finances.

Housing Matters
Assists with the resolution of landlord and tenant disputes by scheduling and conducting conferences, utilizing mediation and negotiation skills to assist parties and/or counsel in achieving mutually agreeable resolutions; analyzing complex financial data; prepares written summaries of the proceedings for judicial review and incorporation into court.

Superior Court Clerk’s Office
Interns will assist clerk’s office staff with the administrative operation of the courthouse. This may include interaction with the public and attorneys; answering questions from parties about court processes including dissolution of marriage, temporary restraining orders and custody applications; assisting judges and clerks in the courtroom; organization and retrieval of records; responding to requests from other offices within Judicial, or other agencies; scheduling hearings and performing other work as assigned.