"I could not have survived this ordeal without the support of my advocates. They knew and answered all my questions and I felt their concern so heartfelt."

Victim Advocacy

The Office of Victim Services (OVS) has compassionate and caring victim services advocates at courthouses throughout the state and at the Board of Pardons and Paroles (BOPP) to help victims of:

This video will help you understand the adult criminal court process (9:07).
  • personal injury crimes and their family members;
  • family members of homicide victims; and
  • persons who need help filing a civil protection order.
For non-personal injury crimes, please call the State's Attorney's OfficeExternal Link in the court where the case is being heard.

OVS victim services advocates help victims by:
  • explaining the criminal justice process;
  • giving information about the CT Constitution Victim Rights and how to exercise those rights;
  • giving updates on the criminal case;
  • going to court and BOPP hearings with victims and advocating for their rights;
  • explaining how to write a victim impact statement and may help victims with reading the statement;
  • helping with requests for restitution and victim compensation; and
  • providing referrals to community and state social service agencies.
To find contact information for an OVS victim services advocate, please click on Contact an OVS Victim Services Advocate.

OVS also gives funding to several non-profit agencies to provide community victim advocates for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, homicide, and drunk drivers at the Geographical Area (GA) courts:
For more information about OVS victim services advocates and the community advocates funded by OVS, please call the OVS Helpline at 1-800-822-8428.