Appointment of Magistrates

The Judicial Branch is accepting applications through August 18, 2023, for the appointment of magistrates pursuant to C.G.S. 51-193l - 51-193u.

Magistrates will conduct small claims, infractions and violations trials, in addition to other matters pursuant to C.G.S. 51-193t and 51-193u. Magistrates will conduct proceedings utilizing remote technology from a Judicial Branch facility, via Microsoft Teams. Magistrates may be required to preside over trials in person. Successful candidates will be appointed and scheduled for all case types, with the ideal candidate able to serve at least 4 times per month. Appointments may be made for a one-year term or longer, with the option to extend, as needed. Compensation is $200 per day pursuant to 51-193r.

Attorneys who have been members of the Connecticut bar for at least five years are eligible to apply. To apply, please complete the Application for Appointment as a Magistrate (Form JD-ES-268) and the Magistrate Application - Authorization for Release of Information (Form JD-ES-27) and e-mail them to by August 18, 2023.