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Law Day 2005 - The American Jury: We the People in Action

Jury Box in CourtoomLinks to information about the American Jury System:

American Jury Initiative from the American Bar Association ABA President Robert Grey Jr. has launched the American Jury Initiative to strengthen the jury as a democratic institution and enhance Americans’ understanding of its role in our system of law and government.”

Jury Research Services from the National Legal Research Group – the publications page includes a collection of articles on juries and jury research.

National Jury Center from the American Judicature Society  - The Juries-in-depth section provides extensive information about the mechanics, structure and power of juries, as well as ongoing efforts to improve the jury system. Other sections provide Jury's Roomanswers to frequently asked questions, bibliographic resources, and useful web links.

The American Jury: Bulwark of Democracy from the National Constitution Center of Chicago – “’The American Jury: Bulwark of Democracy’ is an on-line resource guide for teachers, students, and citizens devoted to explaining the American jury system and its role in American legal, social, and political life.”

The Center for Jury Studies from the National Center for State Courts (NCST) - “The Center for Jury Studies is dedicated to facilitating the ability of these citizens to fulfill their role within the justice system and enhancing their confidence and satisfaction with jury service by helping judges and court staff improve jury management.”

The Responsibility of the Jury – A lesson plan for Middle School and High School students, available from the National Constitution Center.

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