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The Judicial Branch law libraries hold a number of items which may be of help to the person researching adoption law. The Subject Headings below are recommended, and can be entered as subject searches using our online catalog, or Contact us for availability of materials.

  • Adoption --Connecticut --Handbooks, manuals, etc.
  • Adoption --Law and legislation --United States.
  • Intercountry adoption --Law and legislation --United States --Popular works.


  • Public Act No.14-133: An Act Concerning Access to Birth Certificates and Parental Health Information for Adopted Persons ( Effective July 1, 2015, except for the annual reporting provisions which are effective upon passage.)

          Summary for Public Act 14-133

  • Public Act No. 12-82: An Act Concerning Revisions to Statutes Concerning the Department of Children and Families ( Effective October 1, 2012)

Summary for Public Act 12-82

Connecticut General Statutes

Selected statutes:

  • Sec. 46b-129b Filing of petition for adoption and written agreement of adoption by Commissioner of Children and Families. Review of adoption social study and other reports. Hearing. Adoptive parents entitled to receive copies of records and other information re history of child. Applicability of probate court provisions.    

Title 45a (Most of Chapter 803 is relevant. Selected sections linked below)

  • Sec. 45a-706. Rules of construction.

  • Sec. 45a-707. Definitions.

  • Sec. 45a-715. Petition to terminate parental rights. Cooperative postadoption agreements. (2020 Supplement).

  • Sec. 45a-717. Termination of parental rights. Conduct of hearing. Investigation and report. Grounds for termination. (2020 Supplement).

  • Sec. 45a-719. Reopening judgment terminating parental rights. Best interest of child. Final decree of adoption.

  • Sec. 45a-724. Who may give child in adoption.

  • Sec. 45a-725. When child free for adoption.

  • Sec. 45a-726b. Recruitment of minority families not to delay placement of adoptive child.

  • Sec. 45a-727. Application and agreement for adoption. Investigation, report. Adoptive parents entitled to receive copy of records and other information re history of child. Assessment of fees. Hearing and decree.

  • Sec. 45a-727a. Legislative findings re best interests of child.

  • Sec. 45a-730. Validation of foreign adoption. Petition filed in Probate Court.

  • Sec. 45a-734. Adoption of adults. Inheritance.

  • Sec. 45a-745. Adoption record.

  • Sec 45a-746. Information available to adoptive parents and adult adopted or adoptable person.

  • Sec. 45a-749. Request for information.

  • Sec. 45a-750. Identifying information.

  • Sec. 45a-751b. Disclosure of identifying information. Consent required. Exception.

Title 1, Chapter 14: Freedom of Information Act

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