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Land Use Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Zigadto, Janet


AC38889 - Griswold v. Camputaro (Zoning enforcement action; "The would-be intervenors . . . appeal from the judgment of the trial court rendered when the court, Vacchelli, J., denied their respective motions to intervene that were filed pursuant to General Statutes 22a-19 (a) (1). On appeal, the intervenors claim that it was improper for the court to deny their motions to intervene on the ground that there was no pending proceeding because (1) the plaintiff and the defendants manipulated the timing of the short calendar proceedings to their detriment, (2) they were denied their vested statutory rights under 22a-19 to be heard, and 3) the stipulated judgment at issue was not rendered in compliance with General Statutes 8-8 (n). Under the somewhat unusual procedural circumstances of this case in which our rules of practice were violated, we agree with the intervenors and, therefore, reverse the judgment of the trial court denying the motions to intervene and remand the matter for further proceedings.")