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Office of Legislative Research Reports

by Mazur, Catherine


Cooperative Postadoption Agreements - 2017-R-0163
This report describes the laws on cooperative postadoption agreements and the circumstances in which a birth parent may have contact with his or her child after the child is adopted.

Toll Revenue in Neighboring States- 2017-R-0207
This report provides the amount of toll revenue collected in neighboring states.

Connecticut's Limit on Opioid Drug Prescriptions - 2017-R-0189
This report describes Connecticut's law imposing limits and conditions on the prescription of opioid drugs to adults and minors, including exceptions to the law.

Whiting Forensic Division - 2017-R-0218
This report describes the administrative control and admission standards of Connecticut's Whiting Forensic Division.

Outdoor Wood-burning Furnace Law - 2017-R-0198
This report summarizes the state's outdoor wood-burning furnace law. It updates OLR Report 2006-R-0591.

Regional School District Dissolution - 2017-R-0213
This report explains the effect on a regional school district when a member town dissolves itself, how a regional school district could initiate the process of dissolving the district, and how to reassign students after dissolution.