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Administrative Appeal Appellate Court Opinion

by Dowd, Jeffrey


AC45560 - Romanelli v. Department of Social Services (Administrative appeal; "The plaintiff, Antoinetta Romanelli, executor of the estate of her husband, Antonio Romanelli (applicant), appeals from the judgment of the Superior Court dismissing her appeal from the decision of the defendant, the Department of Social Services, denying long-term care Medicaid benefits to the applicant. The plaintiff claims that (1) certain real property, which was contained in a trust and which the defendant used in its calculations to determine that the applicant was over the asset limit for Medicaid eligibility, was not actually available to the applicant due to his alleged incapacity to revoke the trust and therefore should not have been used to calculate his Medicaid eligibility and (2) the defendant violated due process by failing to provide notice to the applicant and/or his personal representative that the revocability of the trust was at issue in calculating the applicant’s Medicaid eligibility. We disagree and, accordingly, affirm the judgment of the Superior Court.")