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Freedom of Information Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Dowd, Jeffrey


AC452587 - City of Bridgeport v. Freedom of Information Commission ("The plaintiffs disagree with the commission’s claims and contend that the judgment may be affirmed on the alternative grounds that the commission (1) violated § 1-206 (b) (2) by failing to seek leave of the commission before scheduling a hearing on Daley’s complaint, (2) should have dismissed the appeal pursuant to § 1-206 (b) (4), (3) improperly decided issues not raised in Daley’s complaint, and (4) improperly concluded that the plaintiffs failed to meet their burden of establishing that certain information in the records was exempt from disclosure pursuant to General Statutes § 1-210. We agree with the commission’s first and third claims and reject the plaintiffs’ alternative grounds for affirming the judgment. Accordingly, we reverse the judgment of the Superior Court.")