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Criminal Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Townsend, Karen


AC44561 - State v. Armstrong (“Attempt to commit robbery in the first degree; firearm possession; “The defendant claims that (1) the court violated his right to self-representation, (2) the court committed instructional error with respect to the essential elements of attempted robbery, (3) the court improperly enhanced his sentence pursuant to § 53a-40 (g), and (4) the state failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he was guilty of attempted robbery. We agree with the defendant that the state did not satisfy its burden of proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he took a substantial step in the commission of the offense because the evidence did not support a finding that he displayed or threatened the use of what he represented by his words or conduct to be a firearm. Accordingly, we reverse the judgment of conviction and remand the case to the trial court with direction to render a judgment of acquittal.”)