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Criminal Law Appellate Court Opinions

by Townsend, Karen


AC44630 - State v. Gonzalez (“On appeal, the defendant claims that the court improperly determined that No. 18-63, § 2, of the 2018 Public Acts (P.A. 18-63), which amended General Statutes (Rev. to 2017) § 54-125e (b) to require that a trial court determine that a period of special parole is necessary to ensure public safety before imposing a period of special parole, did not retroactively apply to his 2017 sentence. See General Statutes § 54-125e (b) (1). Specifically, the defendant claims that (1) § 54-125e, as amended by § 2 of P.A. 18-63, is a procedural statute presumed to apply retroactively, and (2) the legislature, through passing § 2 of P.A. 18-63, intended to clarify § 54-125e, rather than change the law. We affirm the judgment of the trial court.”)

AC44806 - State v. Turner (“On appeal, the defendant claims (1) that the court erred in dismissing his motion to correct an illegal sentence, in which he alleged that the sentencing court made materially false assumptions about his potential for rehabilitation, for failure to state a colorable claim, and (2) he is entitled to an evidentiary hearing to present expert testimony on juvenile brain science in support of his motion to correct. We agree with the defendant’s contention that the court improperly dismissed his motion to correct on the ground that he failed to state a colorable claim but, nevertheless, conclude that the defendant was not entitled to a new sentencing hearing on the basis of the ground alleged in his motion. Additionally, we disagree with the defendant’s assertion that he was entitled to an evidentiary hearing. Accordingly, the form of the trial court’s judgment is improper in that the court should have denied, rather than dismissed, the defendant’s motion to correct an illegal sentence.”)