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Foreclosure Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Zigadto, Janet


AC44450 - LendingHome Marketplace, LLC v. Traditions Oil Group, LLC ("In this mortgage foreclosure action, the defendant, Traditions Oil Group, LLC, which was defaulted for failure to appear, appeals from the trial court's denial of its motion to open the judgment of strict foreclosure rendered in favor of the plaintiff, LendingHome Marketplace, LLC, and from the denial of its subsequent motion to reargue/reconsider that ruling. Although the defendant filed its motion to open more than one year after the passage of the law day set by the court, the defendant nonetheless claims that the court improperly denied its motions because (1) the passing of the law day did not vest absolute title to the subject property in the plaintiff due to the plaintiff's alleged failure to comply with notice requirements in the court's uniform foreclosure standing orders and Practice Book ยง 17-22; (2) the court's finding that the plaintiff had complied with those notice requirements was clearly erroneous; (3) the court failed to hold a hearing on the motion to open in violation of the defendant's right to due process; and (4) the court abused its discretion by summarily denying the defendant's motion to reargue. We conclude that the court properly denied the defendant's motions and, accordingly, affirm the judgment of the court.")