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Freedom of Information Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Booth, George


AC42992 - Allco Renewable Energy Ltd. v. Freedom of Information Commission (Administrative appeal; alleged violation of Freedom of Information Act (§ 1-200 et seq.); "The plaintiffs, Allco Renewable Energy Limited (Allco) and its principal Thomas Melone, appeal from the judgment of the Superior Court dismissing their appeal from the final decision of the defendant Freedom of Information Commission (commission), in which the court concluded that the commission properly dismissed the plaintiffs' request for certain documents of the codefendant Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (department). On appeal, the plaintiffs claim that the court improperly concluded that the commission correctly applied General Statutes § 1-210 (b) (5) (A) and (B) of the Freedom of Information Act (act), General Statutes § 1-200 et seq. We affirm the judgment of the Superior Court.")