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Family Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Booth, George


AC41942 - Rosario v. Rosario (Dissolution of marriage; motion for contempt; motion for continuance; "In this postdissolution of marriage matter, the self-represented plaintiff, Alvin J. Rosario II, appeals from the orders of the trial court granting two motions for contempt, docket entry #154.79 (motion #154.79) and docket entry #156 (motion #156), filed by the defendant, Thyjuan Rosario. On appeal, the plaintiff claims that the trial court erred when it rendered judgment finding him in contempt because (1) those motions for contempt previously had been denied by the court and, thus, they were not properly before the court, and (2) the defendant did not serve the plaintiff with motion #156. Because we conclude, with respect to the first claim, that the court's January 19, 2017 order effectively vacated its January 3, 2017 order denying the motions, and, with respect to the second claim, that it is inadequately briefed, we affirm the judgment of the trial court.")