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New Office of Legislative Research Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Office of Legislative Research has recently published the following reports:

Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised- 2020-R-0091 - This report lists all crimes in the Connecticut Penal Code (Title 53a of the General Statutes) and their penalties. It updates OLR Report 2018-R-0073.

Municipal Landlord Registries- 2020-R-0022 - Summarizes the requirements of the landlord identification registry that municipalities may establish, including the newly expanded filing requirements for project-based housing providers (PBHPs).

State Liens on Real Property of Public Assistance Recipients- 2020-R-0051 - Provides an overview of the Connecticut law which authorizes the state to place liens on real property to recover public assistance. Identifies other states currently allowing this practice, as well as any recently proposed legislation to roll back or mitigate the impact of such liens.

Patient Medical Records Access- 2020-R-0069 - This report provides an overview of state laws on patient access to medical records from individual health care providers in a question and answer format.

Race Requirements on Marriage Licenses- 2020-R-0061 - Provides information on (1) Connecticut’s law that requires individuals to disclose their race on marriage license application forms and (2) a recent court challenge to a similar law in Virginia.