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Family Law Appellate Court Opinions

by Roy, Christopher


AC41548 - Ayres v. Ayres ("In this marital dissolution action, the defendant, George Ayres, appeals from the trial court's postdissolution order resolving the motion for contempt filed by the plaintiff, Barbara Ayres. On appeal, the defendant claims that the court erred in interpreting the provision of the parties' separation agreement governing alimony to conclude that (1) the payment of long-term incentives, including restricted stock units and performance stock units, received from his employer were included within the alimony calculation and (2) a severance payment was included within the alimony calculation. We agree with the defendant's claims as to the restricted stock units and severance pay and, accordingly, reverse in part the judgment of the trial court.")

AC39755 - Barber v. Barber ("This postdissolution appeal arises out of motions filed by the plaintiff, Virginia Cha Barber, and the defendant, Atiim Kiambu Barber, regarding the child support provisions of their separation agreement (agreement), which was incorporated into their New York divorce decree. On appeal, the plaintiff claims that the trial court, Colin, J., erred by (1) 'rewriting' the agreement with respect to the manner in which the defendant's child support obligation is to be calculated and (2) failing to award her attorney's fees and costs to oppose the defendant's unsuccessful attempt to invalidate a provision of the agreement and to enforce the agreement's default provision regarding add-on child support. On cross appeal, the defendant claims that the trial court, Tindill, J., erred by concluding that the substantive law of New York applied to his motion to modify child support. We affirm the judgments of the trial court with respect to the plaintiff's appeal and dismiss the defendant's cross appeal.")