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Juvenile Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Townsend, Karen


AC41742 - In re Gabriella C.-G., et al: (Termination of parental rights; “She claims on appeal that the court erred in (1) violating her constitutional rights by holding her to ‘unlawful, vague, high standards of care, compared to all the other parties . . . associated with the care and keeping’ of the five children, (2) denying ‘the right to a comparison of the foster parents . . . and [the Department of Children and Families (the department)] provided level of care that she was held to,’ including not allowing an injury report from the Office of the Child Advocate as to Dallas, (3) finding that the department made ‘reasonable efforts’ to reunify her with any of her five children, (4) making the statement, ‘this family can’t and won’t benefit from reunification’… and (5) stating that ‘it’s in the best interest’… of the five minor children for her to lose her parental rights.…Having reviewed the findings of the court as set forth in its thoughtful and thorough decision, we conclude that under the applicable standards of review, they are sufficiently supported by the evidence and not clearly erroneous. The judgments are affirmed.”)