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LexisNexis Practice Guide: Connecticut Family Law

by Roy, Christopher


The 2017 edition of LexisNexis Practice Guide: Connecticut Family Law has been received by many of our law libraries. Each chapter of this guide offers analysis, strategies, checklists, and tips. The table of contents is listed below:

Chapter 1 Marriage
Chapter 2 Jurisdiction
Chapter 3 Dissolution of Marriage and Legal Separation
Chapter 4 Pretrial Pleadings and Discovery
Chapter 5 Alimony
Chapter 6 Division of Property
Chapter 7 Child Support
Chapter 8 Custody and Visitation
Chapter 9 Adoption
Chapter 10 Paternity
Chapter 11 Surrogacy and Gestational Agreements
Chapter 12 Agreements
Chapter 13 Same-Sex Dissolution Issues
Chapter 14 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 15 Counsel Fees
Chapter 16 Appellate Procedure
Chapter 17 Enforcement of Orders
Chapter 18 Divorce Taxation
Chapter 20 Forms