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New Office of Legislative Research Reports

by Mazur, Catherine


The Office of Legislative Research has recently published the following reports:

State Law Regarding Homeschooling Students In Other States - 2018-R-0164
This report provides a summary of homeschooling laws in 12 states including Connecticut.

Inmate Wages - 2018-R-0179
This report provides a summary of the laws in Connecticut regarding inmate wages for work they perform while imprisoned and how do inmate pay rates in Connecticut compare to other states?

Massachusetts' Negating Archaic Statutes Targeting Young Woman Act - 2018-R-0198
This report provides a brief summary of a recently enacted Massachusetts abortion law: The Negating Archaic Statutes Targeting Young Women Act ("NASTY Women Act"), and could Connecticut adopt similar legislation?

Issue Brief: Service Animals And The Law - 2018-R-0199
This report describes service animals and the law.

Municipal Responsibility For Renters' Rebate Program Costs - 2018-R-0197
This report discusses municipal responsibility for renters' rebate program costs.

Connecticut's Animal Cruelty Laws - 2018-R-0215
This report summarizes Connecticut's animal cruelty laws.