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Declaratory Judgment Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Roy, Christopher


SC19843 - Glastonbury v. Metropolitan District Commission ("After examining the record and briefs and considering the arguments of the parties, we are persuaded that the judgment of the trial court should be affirmed. The issues raised by the parties in their motions for summary judgment were resolved properly in the thoughtful and comprehensive memorandum of decision filed by the trial court. Because that memorandum of decision also fully addresses the arguments raised in the present appeal, we adopt the trial court’s well reasoned decision as a statement of the facts and the applicable law on those issues. See Glastonbury v. Metropolitan District Commission, Superior Court, judicial district of Hartford, Docket No. HHD-CV-14-6049007-S (May 12, 2016) (reprinted at 328 Conn. 326, 330, A.3d [2018]). It would serve no useful purpose for us to repeat that discussion here. See, e.g., Tzovolos v. Wiseman, 300 Conn. 247, 253–54, 12 A.3d 563 (2011).")

  • SC19843 Appendix - Glastonbury v. Metropolitan District Commission ("This case concerns an action brought pursuant to General Statutes § 52-29 by the plaintiff, the town of Glastonbury, against the defendant, the Metropolitan District Commission, on February 21, 2014. The plaintiff seeks a declaratory judgment to establish that a surcharge imposed by the defendant on the plaintiff and other nonmember towns for water usage prior to October 1, 2014, was illegal.")