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Civil Procedure

Connecticut Superior Court Civil Procedures

   by Mazur, Catherine

Did you know the Connecticut Judicial Branch provides general procedural information on certain civil matters, such as filing a Civil Foreign Judgment, Prejudgment Remedy, and Replevin, on their Civil Procedures page? These procedures include a basic outline of the steps necessary to file the action, statutory and rule references, and links to forms, if applicable.

All posted information has been updated as of July 2018. Please note that the information is provided by the Connecticut Judicial Branch as a public service, and is not intended to be legal advice (Disclaimer).

Appellate Court Opinion

   by Mazur, Catherine

AC38997 - Drabik v. Thomas ("The plaintiff, John Drabik, appeals from the judgment of the trial court dismissing his petition for a bill of discovery against the defendants, Elaine Thomas, a deputy tribal historic preservation officer for The Mohegan Tribe of Indians of Connecticut (tribe), James Quinn, the tribal historic preservation officer for the tribe, and the Tribal Council, the governing body of the tribe, on the ground of tribal sovereign immunity. Specifically, the plaintiff claims that the trial court improperly (1) decided that the petition should be dismissed on the ground that tribal sovereign immunity applies to petitions for a bill of discovery, and (2) determined that the defendants are entitled to tribal sovereign immunity.We affirm the judgment of the trial court.")

New Titles: Middletown Law Library

   by Roy, Christopher

The Law Library at Middletown has received the following new titles: