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Connecticut Law About Elderly Tax Credits
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  Connecticut General Statutes
OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:
  • Local Option Property Tax Relief Programs
    You asked for a description of the state's local option property tax relief programs for homeowners.
  • School Property Tax Relief for Seniors
    In states like Connecticut, where municipalities levy property taxes for general government and education purposes, you wanted to know if any authorize municipalities to (1) split the tax bill between the general government and education portions of the budget and (2) exempt seniors from paying the education tax bill.
  • Property Tax Relief for Homeowners
    You asked for (1) a summary of the different types of property tax relief for homeowners under Connecticut law and (2) examples of property tax relief offered in other states but not Connecticut.
  • Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption
    You asked whether the statutes set tighter income criteria for property tax relief for veterans with a 100% disability rating than for veterans who are partially disabled. If this is the case, you propose to address this apparent discrepancy and ask us how this could be done legislatively.
  • Property Tax Relief for Seniors
    You asked (1) what state laws authorize municipalities to provide property tax relief to seniors and (2) whether current state law prohibits a municipality from providing a tax freeze to seniors regardless of financial means.

Information form the State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management:

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Commission on Aging

Infoline eLibrary

  • Sec. 12-170aa. Tax relief for certain elderly or totally disabled homeowners. Reductions in real property taxes.
  • Sec. 12-170bb. Annual report concerning tax relief for elderly homeowners and grants to elderly renters. Preparation by the Office of Policy and Management.
  • Sec. 12-170cc. (Formerly Sec. 12-170c). Appeals from Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management or assessors.
  • Sec. 12-129n. Optional municipal property tax relief program for certain homeowners age sixty-five or over or permanently and totally disabled.
  • Sec. 12-129b. Real property tax relief for certain persons sixty-five years of age or over.

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