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Connecticut Law About Smoking
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  Connecticut General Statutes

Connecticut Department of Public Health Tobacco Control Program

American Lung Association - State Legislated Actions on Tobacco Issues (SLATI) 

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 

OLR Research Reports Office of Legislative Research

  • Sec. 12-285c. Restrictions on shipping cigarettes. Unlawful delivery of cigarettes. Penalty. Civil Penalty.

  • Sec. 12-295a. Purchase by, or sale to, minors. Penalties. Suspension of licenses. Appeals.

  • Sec. 17b-278a. Coverage for treatment for smoking cessation. 

  • Sec. 19a-342. Smoking prohibited. Exceptions. Signs required. Penalties.

  •  Sec. 19a-342a. Use of electronic nicotine delivery system or vapor product prohibited. Exceptions. Signage required. Penalties.

  • Sec. 21a-157. Communicable diseases bar to employment. Examination. 

  • Sec. 31-40q. Smoking in the workplace. Designation of smoking rooms.

  • Sec. 31-40s. Smoking or use of tobacco products outside of the workplace.

  • Sec. 53-198. Smoking in motor buses, railroad cars and school buses.

  • Sec. 53-344. Sale or delivery of tobacco to minors. Purchase or misrepresentation of age to purchase tobacco or possession of tobacco in public place by persons under eighteen. Transaction scans. Affirmative defense.

  • Sec. 53-344b. Sale or delivery of electronic nicotine delivery system or vapor product to minors. Purchase or misrepresentation of age by persons under eighteen years of age. Transaction scans. Affirmative defense. 

Connecticut Public Acts

  • PA 07-175. An Act Increasing Penalties for the Sale of Cigarettes or Tobacco or Tobacco Products to Minors 

  • PA 07-180. An Act Concerning Fire Safe Cigarettes

  • PA 14-76. An Act Concerning the Governor's Recommendations Regarding Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Youth Smoking Prevention

  • PA 15-206. An Act Regulating Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Vapor Products

Connecticut Case Law

  • Batte-Holmgren v. Commissioner of Public Health 281 Conn. 277 (2007)
    [Declaratory judgment; action by plaintiff restaurant owners to declare unconstitutional legislation that expanded statutory (CGS Section 19a-342) smoking ban prohibiting smoking in certain restaurants and cafes but not in casinos and private clubs; whether legislation violated equal protection clause of state and federal constitutions]

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