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Connecticut Law About Jury Duty
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  Connecticut General Statutes
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Office of Legislative Research Reports

Juror Pay - 2018-R-0207
This report summarizes Connecticut law on juror pay and employer responsibilities regarding employees who serve as jurors.

Jury Selection Pool & Exemptions - 2008-R-0469
You asked (1) why the law was expanded to require the Judicial Branch to use multiple lists to compile its jury selection pool and (2) whether any states exempt violent crime victims from jury service.

Kid Friendly Jury Laws - 2007-R-0535
You asked about states that allow parents to postpone jury service because they are responsible for taking care of children.

Exemptions From Jury Duty - 2006-R-0038
You asked whether key employees of small businesses are exempt from jury duty.

Proposed Bills to Change the Jury Selection Process - 2006-R-0497
You asked for a summary of the jury selection process and if any bills have been proposed in recent years to change it.

Questions About Jury Selection - 2002-R-0203
You asked (1) how a person is selected for jury duty, (2) whether a person on the voting list who does not vote is less likely to be chosen for jury duty, (3) whether someone can be removed from the list at age 70, and (4) whether a person can be removed from the list because of a nervous condition

  Chapter 884  - Jurors

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