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Juvenile Detention Officer Trainee (Transitional) Date Posted: 03/16/2018
Posting Number: JD-7000-001
Application Deadline: 12/31/2099

Juvenile Detention Officer Trainee (Transitional)

Seeking entry level applicants interested in starting a career path as a Juvenile Detention Officer Trainee. Applicants must possess basic knowledge of the principles and practices involved in the care, custody, safety and security of juveniles. Duties include: supervision of the daily activities of detainees; maintaining security; overseeing and documenting detainee behavior, including information on detainee health, misconduct, abuse or potentially criminal conduct; supervising and instructing detainees in matters of personal hygiene; taking necessary action to intervene and control detainee behavior which is physically threatening using approved control and restraint methods; maintaining order and discipline; applying handcuffs and leg restraints for detainees being transported.

Applicants selected for interview will be required to complete a pre-employment physical, successfully pass a drug screening process as well as a criminal records check and a DCF background check. Selected candidates will be required to attend and pass all phases of an approximately 5 week pre-service training followed by a course of shadowing in the detention center. Skills to be acquired will include handcuffing, TCI, suicide prevention, CPR, First Aid, Safe Crisis Management, and other skills relevant to the care and custody of juveniles as well as the safety and security of Judicial Branch staff. The pre-service training will include the proper application of approved restraint techniques. Incumbents must possess and maintain a valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator’s license. Incumbents should be aware that there is a risk of injury from assaultive or abusive detainees and exposure to communicable diseases is possible.

Applicants must be able and willing to work evening and/or night shifts, weekends and holidays. Mandatory overtime is likely. Positions will be full-time 40 hours.

Locations are listed on the online application and must be indicated at the time of application. Applicants should select all Detention Centers in which they are willing to work. Limiting availability by limiting Detention Centers in which you will work may impact your ability to be hired. Selection of a Detention Center indicates willingness to accept assignment at any location within the state and may not be limited by the applicant.

Please note that if you need to update your application for this posting, you may withdraw your application, update your profile and re-apply for the posting.

After you apply, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have qualified for the position, your continuous recruitment application will expire one year from the date of the email. After the one-year application period has ended, you may reapply for the position.

If you have qualified for the position and are selected for an interview, you will be contacted by the Court Support Services Division Juvenile Residential Services. Starting salary range is approximately $39,263 - $47,910/year for day shift positions or $41,343 - $49,990/year for night shift positions – plus State of Connecticut benefits. New employees begin at the minimum. The starting salary for existing state employees may be higher than the minimum, in accordance with existing Judicial Branch policy.

The State of Connecticut Judicial Branch is committed to building a diverse workforce and encourages applications from female candidates.



DIVISION: Court Support Services


CLASS DEFINITION: This class is accountable for receiving on the job training in and assuming increasing responsibilities for the care and custody of juvenile detainees.


SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Positions of the class work under the general supervision of a Juvenile Detention Shift Supervisor or other employee of higher grade.


EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Receives on the job training and assumes increasing responsibility for supervising the daily activities of detainees; maintains security; admits and releases juvenile detainees in conformance with well-defined procedures; explains detention procedures to juveniles, parents, legal counsel, police, social workers and others in privity to the juveniles’ detention; administers intake questionnaires under the supervision of professionals; oversees and documents juvenile detainees’ behavior, including information on detainees’ apparent health, misconduct, abuse or potentially criminal conduct; supervises and participates in recreational activities with detainees; supervises and instructs detainees in procedures and principles of personal hygiene; takes necessary action to intervene and control detainees’ behavior which is physically threatening to themselves or to others; receives instruction and training from physicians and nurses in and assists with dispensing authorized medications to detainees and recording information about such dispensation; assists with transportation of detainees including attaching handcuffs and leg restraints and supervising the detainees during their preparation and transportation; prepares, serves and supervises meals and snacks for detainees in the absence of food services staff; assists in receiving and storing supplies; supervises the activities of detainees during visiting hours in accordance with detention policy; performs related duties as required.



KNOWLEDGE, SKILL AND ABILITY: Basic knowledge of the principles and practices involved in care and custody of juveniles; basic knowledge of the behavioral and emotional problems experienced by juveniles; basic knowledge of child psychology; considerable interpersonal skills; oral and written communication skills; basic computer usage skills; ability to relate to different cultural and economic backgrounds.



General Experience: Two years of experience in performing correctional work or institutional supervision of adolescents, juveniles or young adults or comparable areas of prevention of juvenile delinquency.

Substitutions Allowed:

College training in a closely related field may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equaling one-half year of experience.



Incumbents may be exposed to risk of injury from assaultive or abusive detainees; they may be exposed to communicable diseases.



A criminal record investigation will be conducted for all candidates; appointment to the class will be dependent upon successful clearance through such investigation.

Incumbents must possess and maintain a valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator’s license.

Incumbents may be required to pass a physical examination.