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Effective Date:
JA 29
May 31, 2019

DIVISION: Office of the Chief Court Administrator

CLASS DEFINITION: In an Information Technology (IT) environment, this class is accountable for acting as a working supervisor and/or working at an expert, visionary and strategic level performing highly complex and technical support work. This class has demonstrated mastery of their area of expertise and shares that knowledge with other areas, acting as a mentor to lower level employees and as a source of knowledge in their area of expertise to peers and those from other technical disciplines. This class has a strong relationship with their area's business partners and an in depth understanding of their needs and responsibilities. This class establishes best practices within area.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Works under the general direction of an employee of higher grade.

SUPERVISION EXERCISED: May supervise staff as assigned or act as a team leader.

EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: It is not intended for the applicant to have all qualifications within each area; an applicant may have one or a combination of experience from various sections. The intent of the listed summaries is to give a general indication of the level of difficulty and the responsibility common to all positions in the class.


Audio/Visual Multimedia and Courtroom Technology: Acts as a team leader to provide complex software and hardware support for multimedia presentations, including creating, planning, designing, testing and operating teaching products and aids for use in executive-level training programs; acts as a team leader to provide complex technical and administrative support for courtroom and judges’ chambers audio/visual and telecommunications systems, including installation, operation, problem diagnosis, repair and maintenance.
Special Experience Required: Prepared, planned, designed and operated highly complex multimedia teaching products and aids for use in executive level educational programs; or designed and technically administered highly complex audio/visual systems including video conferencing.

Business Analysis: Manages highly complex system and project requirements requiring extensive interaction with business partners; identifies changes to scope and tracks requirements through implementation; defines key business processes and identifies critical paths of the operations; identifies the impact of technology on business processes; working with or coordinating the project team, proposes, documents and assesses technical solutions to business needs, and verifies and validates highly complex system specifications; provides gap analyses; translates business needs into systems specifications; provides elicitation and facilitation services.
Special Experience Required: Participated in highly complex application development projects providing specifications, documentation, and/or training materials obtained using elicitation and facilitation techniques with all levels of the organization.

Database Administration: Provides highly complex level database support and troubleshooting; designs, installs, tunes and maintains integrity of enterprise wide databases; leads integration efforts, transitioning applications to new technology. Consults to project teams including IT and business partners on database impact; recommends new development approaches for accessing data; targets and addresses database security risks.
Special Experience Required: Supported major enterprise databases including design, creation and tuning and integrity of enterprise wide databases.

IT Security: Provides highly complex level of expertise for the selection, implementation, and support of highly complex security solutions. Proactively researches new threats and solutions in preparation for possible security attacks. Provides a leadership role to the team in addressing immediate security risks, and leads the team in resolving these. Conducts IT risk assessments through detailed analysis of real-time and historical security data. Prevents and responds to security intrusions.
Special Experience Required: Initiated the selection, development and implementation of industry best practice security policies and technologies to secure an enterprise level network. Successfully led security project initiatives, including risk analysis and reporting as well as forensic analysis for threat assessment and system vulnerabilities.

Network Support: Provides highly complex level of networking design to produce new and upgraded solutions both from a network driven or business driven perspective. Consults to project teams. Reviews the design and oversees implementation of highly complex communications networks; provides expertise in aiding others to diagnose and resolve problems using network management systems and utilities.
Special Experience Required: Led the design and implementation of high level enterprise network solutions of a major communications network. Provided technical and administrative support for enterprise networks including documentation and management reporting.

Platform Administration: Performs highly complex duties at an expert level related to enterprise wide server, storage and email support; leads and oversees the development of server, storage, and email standards; provides expertise to others to aid with configuring, installing, supporting, maintaining, upgrading, and trouble-shooting server, storage, and email software, hardware, packages and operating systems. Researches and makes recommendations and decisions on emerging technologies in this area.
Special Experience Required: Installed and maintained highly complex servers, storage, email software, hardware, packages and operating systems.

Project Management: Organizes and executes highly complex technology projects and subprojects within their area of responsibility including initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling and closing of projects; schedules and facilitates meetings for planning, coordinating and tracking the design, development, programming and implementation of information systems projects and subprojects; works with a project manager or higher level employee to create project plans and help identify resource requirements and gaps; and tracks project progress; escalates risks to management for mitigation; produces status reports at all levels, both technical and executive.
Special Experience Required: Served as a project coordinator responsible for planning, coordinating and tracking the design, development, programming and implementation of highly complex information systems subprojects and projects.

Quality Assurance: Analyzes highly complex project documents; identifies the impact of technology changes on current highly complex systems; develops test strategies; translates systems specifications, written or derived, into test plans and test scripts; executes test plans and test scripts and documents results and defects; facilitates the resolution of highly complex system defects; monitors test plans and verifies that development deliverables are consistent with the systems specifications.
Special Experience Required: Participated in application development projects providing test strategies, test plans, test scripts, testing and/or training materials for all project phases.

Software Development: Analyzes, designs, codes and tests highly complex software applications and reports at an expert level; configures and installs application packages; writes highly complex technical program specifications and technical systems specifications; aids others in resolving highly complex production issues. Consults to project teams and other areas regarding area of expertise. Recommends modifications and improvements based on research and available new technology.
Special Experience Required: Participated in the design, development and support of enterprise software applications and reporting.

ALL FUNCTIONAL AREAS: The employee will use highly complex interpersonal and technical skills to perform and/or participate in the following:
  • Anticipates, plans for and delivers solutions to mitigate or avoid systems issues. Provides expertise in diagnosing system problems and develops and coordinates resolutions.
  • Establishes best practices within area;
  • Manages or leads planning, analysis, design, selection, installation and implementation of complex new and existing technologies, processes and procedures; researches and evaluates new technologies;
  • Researches, tests and evaluates new hardware and/or software; makes recommendations for hardware and/or software purchases; acts as the coordinator and vendor relationship manager between hardware and/or software vendors with technical staff and management; generates and provides cost information for management decision making;
  • Oversees the development and implementation of network and system security guidelines;
  • Coordinates and documents migration and upgrade directions; trains business or technical staff on new procedures;
  • Conducts system performance analysis, tuning or storage management; coordinates with technical staff from other areas to resolve issues and / or improve results;
  • Conducts training programs for IT staff in area of expertise;
  • Acts as project coordinator overseeing other technical staff and support personnel; plans, coordinates and directs projects of assigned staff within area of responsibility; reviews work of assigned personnel;
  • Calculates project time and cost estimates; prepares necessary procedural specifications to meet design requirements; defines data flow;
  • Manages project budgets and schedules; reviews work of assigned IT Staff and serves as consultant and/or troubleshooter; reviews documentation work of assigned staff;
  • Communicates and coordinates with business owners and management; organizes and facilitates meetings; develops information technology policies, procedures and standards;
  • Represents and independently makes decisions on behalf of their area of expertise;
  • Mentors lower level employees in their area of expertise;
  • Participates in strategic planning;
  • May provide input into performance reviews;
  • Provides significant input into the Request for Proposal (RFP) process;
  • Develops, plans, updates, and implements disaster recovery plans for area of expertise;
  • Provides clear written and verbal communication to business partners and technical staff, to direct management and others within the assigned area of responsibility and within the area of expertise;
  • May perform some or all of the above at the working supervisor level;
  • Prepares correspondence, manuals, business intelligence reporting and documentation as required;
  • Produces status reports;
  • Supports production applications and environments as required;
  • Performs related duties as required.

General Experience: Ten (10) years of experience in information technology (IT), programming, systems/software development or another IT related field with a concentration in the specific functional area of the position being applied for.
Special Experience: Two (2) years of the General Experience must have been at the advanced working level with responsibility for performing a full range of complex technical support functions as highlighted in one of functional area(s) listed above.

Substitutions Allowed:
  1. College training in management information systems, computer science, electrical engineering or information technology related area may be substituted for the General Experience on the basis of fifteen (15) semester hours equaling six (6) months of experience to a maximum of four (4) years for a Bachelor’s degree.
  2. A Master’s degree in management information systems, computer science, electrical engineering or information technology related area may be substituted for one (1) additional year of the General Experience.
  3. Relevant certification in management information systems, computer science, electrical engineering, project management or related area may be substituted for up to six (6) months of the general experience.

SPECIAL REQUIREMENT: Incumbents may be required to travel within the State in the course of their daily work.