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What is Read Across America Day? Feedback How Can my Class or School Participate? Resources for Educators and Students
Montage of Judges Reading to Young Students

What is Read Across America Day?
Every year on Dr. Seuss's birthday (March 2nd), schools across the country celebrate Read Across America Day. For the past two years, the Connecticut Judicial Branch has participated in this wonderful celebration by arranging for judges to read to elementary school students. In just two years, 64 judges have read to more than 6,000 students at 62 different schools.

Feedback regarding the Program
This has been a positive experience for the judges as well as the children.
After a visit from a judge, one teacher said: It is so important that our children meet many different people who encourage literacy! The reading specialist at one school said, This years experience with [the judge] was exceptional. Her enthusiasm and ability to engage the students was outstanding! I whole-heartedly feel it was a positive experience for [the] students. Another educator said: This program is a wonderful way to show our students that busy people see reading as so important that they take time from their jobs to come to our school and read great modeling!!!!

A judge who participated in 2013 for the first time said: The whole experience is renewing of ones hope for the future. Another judge commented: As always, it was the best time and so much fun ... This is a wonderful program! Other judges remarked: Not only was it an absolute delight to spend time with 120 fourth and fifth graders, who had remarkably insightful questions and comments, it was also the first time in a very long time, if ever before, that I got mail with descriptive adjectives such as cool and awesome, and, I only hope the kids enjoyed it half as much as I did. If so, the day was a success.

How can my class or my school participate?
To arrange for a judge to come to your school, contact the External Affairs Division at 860-757-2270 or external.affairs@jud.ct.gov.

Or fill out and e-mail this PDF Form: Read Across America Request to Host a Judge