Experiential Learning Programs

For School Advisors / Administrators

The Judicial Branch Experiential Learning Programs offer a variety of internship placements across the state. We accept students from many different academic majors and backgrounds. Advisor

New Application
We are pleased to announce the implementation of a new database for students, school advisors and administrators. Our new system requires students to register with our program prior to submitting the application. Once the student has registered, he or she will be able to complete the application online, attach a resume and cover letter and submit the application packet from the website.

Verification by the School Advisor or Administrator
When a new application is submitted by a student, an email is sent to the advisor with a username and password to access the system. Once logged in, the advisor can view the application and approve or reject it.

Interview with program staff
If the advisor approves the application, it will be accepted and an interview will be scheduled with the student and program staff to discuss the following:
  • Studentís long terms career goals
  • Class schedule
  • Current skill set and interests
  • Review of previous work experience

The interview allows the program staff to explore with the student what placement will meet his or her scholastic requirements and be the best fit for them. It would be most helpful if you encourage your students to be open to suggestions for internship placements within the Judicial Branch and to follow the procedures outline above. Contacting a desired placement site directly often results in confusion and problems, which may delay the start of your student's internship.

Placement opportunities
There are many excellent opportunities for the students to explore exciting career fields, many of which they may not have previously considered. Please note that law students will not be placed directly with judges; however, they will have the opportunity to meaningfully interact with judges.

Specific School Requirements
Finally, if your program has specific requirements, please let us know and we will make every effort to accommodate them.Please note that law students will no longer be placed directly with judges, however, they will have the opportunity to talk with judges and to observe proceedings.