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Court Support Services Division
Central Office - Directory
455 Winding Brook Drive, Glastonbury, CT 06033
The area code for this page is (860).

Tel: 860-368-3800; Fax: 368-4351

Executive Director
Gary A. Roberge

Julie Revaz, Director

Computer Support, Facilities & Materials Management Unit
Mark Ciccio, Manager

Fiscal Administration / Restitution
Daisy Ortiz, Manager

Human Resources
Cristina Johnson, Manager

Information Technology, Business Intelligence, Contractor Database & Collection System
Bryan Sperry, Deputy Director III
Maureen Klinkert, Manager

Programs & Services, Multicultural Affairs, Training Academy
Troy Brown, Assistant Director of Program & Staff Development

MultiCultural Affairs Unit
Lia Cestaro, Court Planner II

Programs & Services
Barbara Lanza, Manager

Training Academy
Mikisha Bellamy, Chief Probation Officer II

Adult Probation
Mark White Deputy Director III - Adult Probation

George Tzepos, Adult Probation Regional Manager

Jim Santiago, Adult Probation Regional Manager

Keith Furniss, Adult Probation Regional Manager

Maureen Aquino, Adult Probation Regional Manager

Trevor Johnson, Adult Probation Regional Manager

Pretrial Services
Michael Hines, Deputy Director III - Pretrial Services

Betzalie Colon, Pretrial Services Regional Manager

Robert Cristiano, Pretrial Service Regional Manager

Residential & Statewide Projects
Michael Aiello, Program Manager II

Residential Placement Services Referral Line
Susan Levesque, Court Planner II

DNA Project
Regina Hebert, Court Planner

Jail Re-Interview
Sara Barron, Program Manager I

Juvenile Clinical, Education & Residential Services
Catherine Foley Geib, Deputy Director III

Jeffrey Davis, Manager

Patricia Nunez, Program Manager

Family Services
Joe DiTunno, Deputy Director III

Danielle Sanquedolce, Family Services Regional Manager

Charles Forcier, Family Services Regional Manager

Juvenile Probation Services
Tasha Hunt, Deputy Director III

Sheron Green, Regional Manager

Casey O'Neill, Regional Manager

Alcohol Education Program
Anthony Ashley, Administrative Assistant

Interstate Compact
61 Woodland Street, Hartford 06105
Tel: (860) 722-5840; Fax: (860) 722-5858

Interstate Compact Administrator
Alexandra Modica, Chief Probation Officer II
Compact Tel: (860) 722-5850

Judicial Adult Monitoring Services
61 Woodland St, Hartford 06105
Tel: (866) 814-6292; Fax: (860) 548-2012

Janet Tarallo, Chief Probation Officer II
Tel: (860) 722-5856